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The Community Center at the Pocomoke City
Volunteer Fire Company

(L to R) Marion Butler, Sr.; Dwight Hoffman; Stan Finch
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Maryland Delegate, Norman Conway (L) &
Charlie Paparella, WBOC's Travels with Charlie (R)
(L to R) Daily Times photographer; Chris Vieira, PCVFC Cadet;
Taylor Layton, Miss Fire Prevention; Wayne Weichmann, PCVFC Asst. Chief
(L to R) Dick Gladding, Father of PCVFC Chief, Dicky Gladding;
Pocomoke Mayor Michael McDermott, Maryland Delegate Norman Conway
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(L to R) Pocomoke Councilman, Bob Hawkins; Prentiss Miles; Pearl Layton;
Taylor Layton, Miss Pocomoke Fire Prevention & represents Maryland for the
Delmarva Vol. Firemens Association.
Jerry Barbierri (L) - Charlie Paparella WBOC-TV (R)
Pocomoke City Mayor, Michael McDermott
(L to R) Back Row - Keven Hall; Paul Taylor; Joe Melendez; Jerry Barbierri.
Front Row - Marion Butler, Sr.; Dwight Hoffman
Maryland Delegate, Norman Conway